Course Content Developer
One of the most important roles in our business - the person who interviews the client and writes up an outline of the course we create for them.
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Do you want to get paid to learn as much as you possibly can directly from world-class experts?

Do you like getting to know people and developing a relationship with them?

Do you love courses, books, writing, and media?

Want to work from home, or Buenos Aires, or Hawaii?

If this sounds like you, we've got your perfect job.

We are looking for an amazing person who is super motivated, proactive, and fast learner to help us build courses for our clients.

You’ll be on the front lines interviewing clients, learning from them, and helping them build their courses. 

Why this opportunity is awesome

  • This position is a great opportunity to get the “behind the scenes” look inside a fast-growing business (course production company) with a distributed team
  •  Work when, how, and where you want, including traveling. One of our team members has lived in Thailand, Vietnam, Budapest, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and more just during the 12 months she’s been with us.
  •  Plenty of training available. If you’re interested in getting your hands into other parts of the business, such as video editing or Photoshop, I’m happy to help you develop new skills.
  •  In fact, we have access to an entire massive library of courses from past projects that you can learn from (upwards of $50,000 worth of courses that you will get access to)
  •  For a qualified individual, there is room for growth in the company.
  •  If your primary focus is on getting this position just to make money, then this probably isn’t a great fit
  •  However, if you are interested in learning a ton, doing great work, working with super cool people and serving extremely interesting and varied clients (while also being compensated) then this is for you

What we do

MYE is a course production company - we create online courses and training for people and companies by doing all of the heavy lifting for them. Rather than running in circles for 6-12 months or more trying to figure out how to build an online course, we do it for it, and it only ends up taking a few hours of their time, and the result is world-class.

All our clients do is show up on a series of interview calls with us, and then take a few hours to record the audio from an outline we provide to them, and we do the rest. It takes them about about 25 hours total (instead of 12 months) and we do all the work outlining their course, incorporating any other materials they might have, creating slides, worksheets, quizzes and more, editing the videos into a finished course.

You can learn more about who we are and what we do here:

Position Details

What you'll be doing on a daily basis

1.   Monitoring projects through Slack, Basecamp, and Asana 

2.   Read books, PDFs, blogs, and listening workshops from a client in preparation for building their course 

3.   Getting on calls to interview industry leaders to learn what they have to teach, guiding them through structuring that into a course 

4.   Outlining the entire course 

5.   Designing worksheets, quizzes, and other instructional design elements 

6.   Working with a team of dynamic colleagues all over the world

Don’t worry - I know you’ve probably never done half of thisBut you MUST be an excellent writer, conversationalist, and problem solver (to figure the rest out).

You've got what it takes if you have:

  • An excellent writer - the main thing you will be doing is 1) reading books and existing training materials from a client, 2) getting on the phone to interview them to fill in the gaps, and 3) outlining the course with them (including both writing up a thorough outline for the phone course and also figuring out how to best structure everything)
  •  An excellent problem solver
  •  Relationship-oriented and great on the phone. Great on the phone - people enjoy talking to you as you guide them through the course creation process
  •  Confident. Not arrogant, but also confident enough to sound like you know what you are talking about when you are on the phone with a client
  •  Fluent / Perfect English. I only hire 100% fluent English speakers. For this position in particular you need to be a native english speaker since you will be doing lots of writing.
  •  A passion for online courses, education, learning, teaching, and helping people
  •  Drive to learn. Due to the nature of this job it is essential that you have the perspective and drive to learn anything you need to learn - this role is centered around learning and then teaching (via creating courses)
  •  Great attitude. You must have an amazing attitude and be able to perform at your best even if you are jet-lagged, stressed, and confused about what you should be doing. *Deep breath, ok, what do I need to do next?*. If you need to be told what to do on a daily basis, this is not for you. You will need to have ownership of the things you do once you are trained on how to do them.
  •  Insanely dependable. There is a lot more to this position than existing skills. Dependability and responsiveness is more important to me than anything. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d take a dependable apprentice with a good attitude who is a 7 in terms of skills over an unresponsive apprentice with a bad attitude who is a 10 any day.
  •  Can find the answer - Have strong online research skills on topics that are new to you.
  •  Are very organized and never miss deadlines or emails.
  •  Superlative attention to detail. Our programs rely heavily on your work. We’ll count on you to surface and resolve issues along the way, as the integrity of your final product must be unquestionable.
  •  Preferred:
  • Experience building online courses
  • Familiarity with e-learning Management Systems
  • Experience working with a distributed team 
  • Project management skills
  • People who would probably not find this opportunity interesting or rewarding:

    • People who only check their email once a week and respond to it once a month.
    •  People who say they will do something by tomorrow but then deliver it next week
    •  People who are passive-aggressive or uncomfortably communicating directly
    •  People who can only do work “when they are inspired.” Inspiration is overrated.
    •  People who like to write but aren’t into researching topics with which they are unfamiliar, or get stuck when they have to figure out something new
    •  People in it just for the money. This is for someone growth-oriented.


    Per project basis, ranging from $750 to $1500 per project.


    Remote, US timezones preferred. (Asia won’t really work for this position unless you are willing to have a crazy schedule long-term). 

    The experience of working with us:

    “Working with Grant has been a great experience. Not only do I get to work from home and on my own time–which has also taught me a lot of self-motivation and time management–but I’ve also learned what it’s like to start your own business, and how to best go about it. Grant’s also super kind, flexible, and he helps/teaches you as much as possible so that you get as much out of the experience as possible.” – Digne
    Ready to apply?
    1. Send an email to this email address:

    2. The subject line must read “Course Developer” - exactly (without quotes). 

    3. In the email, answer these questions: 
         - your full name

         - What's the catchphrase for Skittles?

         - where you live + timezone

    4.  Take your favorite book, and turn the first chapter of it into an outline for an online course. 
          Use this outlining formatting process to structure the outline for that first chapter (make a copy of the google doc&fill it in). 
          Read this SOP to go more in depth into our process for outlining. 

    5. Do ONLY those tasks. Nothing else should be in the email.

    We are hiring excellent people for this position on regular basis, so feel free to submit your application if you feel like you are a good fit and we will be in touch.
    You're off to a great start !

    And that’s it! In just a few hours of your time we outline exactly what you want to build and how, and then we get to work producing it for you while you move on to more important uses of your time. After 1-3 months (depending on course length) we come back to you with the final product. You are free to have as much or little involvement in the process as you'd like.

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