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"I found the MYE team to be gracious and responsive. Commitments were fulfilled and promises were kept. There was a consistently high level of creativity and professionalism, mixed with kindness and a sense of humour. 

I have enjoyed every aspect of the project with MYE, and particularly watching my 'vision' for the the course emerge with the excellent input and support of the MYE team. I heartily endorse working with MYE and I have truly enjoyed working with them over the past months. I find the MYE team to be gracious and responsive. I have no suggestions for improvement. I am a very happy client and look forward to continuing my collaboration with MYE. It has been a pleasure."

Mark Brown

Listen to Mark's personal experience of working with MYE, in his own words
“I can totally vouch for the MYE team. I am a happy customer here.”

Tung Tran

AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp
“The MYE Team created my course. Awesome to work with and made the course creation process a million times easier. Probably would never have created a course without their help.”

Dave Perrotta

“Grant and his team have been very, very good - I won't lie. I'm impressed with their work. They've nailed every project I've put in front of them.”

Peter Shankman

NYT Bestseller, speaker, host of FTN Podcast
“The project plan that you developed was most impressive. I love the ‘Learning Gaps’ that were identified!”

Dr. Bethany Valachi

Clinical Instructor, Author
How Much Could an Online Course Help Your Business? 

Tung Tran

AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Made $28,329 in the first five days
  • ​Earned $42K in the first six weeks
  • ​Has generated $8,000-$12,000 per month in income
  • ​Six figures in the first year 

Our Unique Process
"Working with the online education experts at MYE has been fantastic. They know how to get serious results. Thanks guys - looking forward to getting started on our next project!"

Nate Ginsburg

Founder of Boards for Business
"MYE was beyond helpful. They are knowledgeable about all sides of online courses and e-learning and I feel so excited at the prospect of enhancing my course reach to more students. Thanks MYE!"

Farnoosh Brock

Online Business Coach and Career Coach
"After I incorporated a free online course at the top of our funnel, Here are the numbers:
- Opt-ins increased 47% (traffic didn’t change)
- Conversions increased by 40%
- Direct Revenue increased by 35% (overall business is up more than that)

Overall, business should do an additional $100k over last year. Not all of that is from the email funnel, but maybe 30-50% of it is from better marketing."

Colin Jones

Blackjack Apprenticeship
“I can vouch for MYE! They've been working on my course and it's been going great!

The best option for anyone who needs help with online courses / educational programs"

Went from $73 to several thousand per month.

Logan Bean

Media and Human Experience Design
How Much Could an Online Course Help Your Business? 

Nigel Moore

7 Figure Technology Business
“Freaking amazing service and I believe that 120%. I wholeheartedly recommend you.”

  • Turned a pile of notes into a successful online course
  • ​Generated $18K with an email list of just 283 people
"I am delighted that I can count on MYE advice so I can finally kick butt with my online course. I am sure that thanks to their insights and guidence I will finally get my courses off the ground. 

I look forward to working with MYE again on my next courses and I recommend you connect with them if you are struggling on how to get started with your online courses."

Piccia Neri

"I've decided to build courses online. I've known what to do for over a year. Talking with the MYE team twice a month and getting great email support has gotten me out of paralysis by analysis and into action. I've done my market research and defined my course and I'm ready to start scripting and shooting.

Everyone at MYE is careful and attentive. They give great feedback on plans and specifics, and also wonderful support for motivation and focus, keeping me on the straight course to success.

Sid Kemp

Sid Kemp Enterprises
“Freaking amazing service and I believe that 120%. I wholeheartedly recommend you.”

Nigel Moore

7 Figure Technology Business
The conversation with Grant was fascinating  and enlightening. My mind is buzzing with ideas that I want to implement in the next several months.

Danny Iny

Founder of Mirasee
After talking with Monetize Your Expertise and further validating (along with some sexy tactics) - Im confident my first release is going to be more succesful that I first envisioned.  Get in touch with MYE if you want to validate a course idea and get an initial blueprint for where to spend the bulk  of your focus... results will follow.

Mike Harrington

Red Flag Media
Monetize Your Expertise was an absolutely amazing team to work with. From start to finish, our project and final product is a Level 10, outstanding quality that we are more than happy to offer to our students. Anyone looking to uplevel their products, USE this company. You will not be disappointed!

Jennifer Eker
How Much Could an Online Course Help Your Business? 

Colin Jones

Blackjack Apprenticeship
  • ​Increased annual revenue by more than $100K
  • ​Boosted conversions by 40%
  • ​Direct revenue increased by 35%
  • ​Opt-ins increased by 47%
Talking with MYE is one of the smartest things an online instructor can do. At virtually every stage of a course creation/ launch, MYE has valuable overview of what's next and how to optimize it. They appear to me as great specialists  who are rightly positioned as the go-to course experts.

Bodhi Horne

In one short call MYE course consultant gave a hefty list of ways to pump up my course enrollment, as well as terrific thoughts/ ideas to consider when creating future courses. My number of students went from 13 to 500+ in a matter of weeks. Highly recommended!

Mark Powers
"MYE gave me excellent, actionable advice on my existing Udemy course. I came out of our chat with actionable steps to improve the course experience with minimal extra time investment. If you're looking to teach a course online or help reworking an existing online course signing up for a call with MYE is a no-brainer. 

Brian Jordan

MYE really hooked me up on this course audit phone call. The biggest problem for me is just knowing where to start with creating my online course - MYE course designer went with me through the steps and set me on course. So greatful for that experience!

Russell Smith 

You're off to a great start !

And that’s it! In just a few hours of your time we outline exactly what you want to build and how, and then we get to work producing it for you while you move on to more important uses of your time. After 1-3 months (depending on course length) we come back to you with the final product. You are free to have as much or little involvement in the process as you'd like.