Done-For-You Training 
And Online Course Creation
Helping professionals and businesses grow with online courses
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Your New Outsourced
eLearning Department
Taking your ideas / expertise and turning them into finished products
Course Design and Curriculum Development
Our content team reviews your existing materials and works with you to plan your course and our instructional designers develop your course curriculum. Already have a course? We will show you how to make it better.

Whether you want a course to sell on the back-end of your books or workshops, an onboarding training program to teach new users how to use your SaaS product, or a course to offer a downsell to people who can't afford your consult rates, we will identify (and create) the best way to communicate and teach your expertise through effective eLearning.

Content Development, Visual Design, Video Editing
We take high-level concepts and curriculum for the course, and develop course lessons that will guide the learner, step-by-step, through learning (and taking action on) the concepts in your course. We develop your course to match the style and professionalism of your brand, so you can proudly share it with the world...not like that one powerpoint you created at 3am that you were always too embarassed to share with anyone!

Comprehensive content development by industry veterans. Top-notch graphic designers hard at work making sure your course looks beautiful. Everything you need to be ready to hit well as the editing and post-production that comes after to get to finalized course videos.

We also develop custom engagement elements to make your course unique, interesting, and interactive to go along with the top-notch content and designs that we build for your course. Book a demo call with us to learn more.
Course Website (LMS) Development 
Now that you have your amazing new course, where do you put it? Stop worrying about which checkout cart plugin you read somewhere that you are supposed to be using...We've got you covered! Included in our projects is the development of your very own course website. Integrated with your main website, and regardless of which course platform you want to use (we can also choose the best platform to use for your particular project), leave the ed-tech to us, so you can focus on what you love.

With your new content implemented, your course engagement engagements configured, and your course sales process set up, your course will have everything you need for people to start buying it, right out of the gate. 

Course Marketing Funnel Creation
Need help growing the sales of your new course product through better marketing? Include marketing in your next MYE course project, and we will build your course sale page, marketing funnel pages, develop webinar and content marketing campaigns to help you grow.

As an eLearning company, we don't just market you and your product and blast your website out for clicks...we build you educational marketing campaigns to establish you as an industry thought-leader and generate value to drive interest in your new course product. Typically this not only increases course sales and conversion rates, but also organically generates inquiries for your consulting and other products and services along the way!

Ready to grow your business 
with online courses?
How Much Can You Grow With Courses?


AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Made $28,329 in the first five days, and $42,000 in first six weeks
  • ​$8,000-$12,000 per month in income (6 figures the first year)
“The course is so amazing! I know I keep saying this over and over again, but I can’t help it! I get really excited when seeing our awesome product. So happy with how this turned out.”


7 Figure Technology Business
  • Turned a pile of notes into a successful online course
  • ​Generated $18K with an email list of just 283 people
“Freaking amazing service and I believe that 120%. I wholeheartedly recommend you.”


Blackjack Apprenticeship
  • Boosted conversions by 40%
  • ​Direct revenue increased by 35%
  • ​Opt-ins increased by 47% 
"Overall, business should do an additional $100k over last year."
 - Colin

Jenn Eker
  • ​28% reduction in refund rates (aka a massive increase in ROI)
  • ​Significant increase in user engagement / student completion rates
"Monetize Your Expertise was an absolutely amazing team to work with. From start to finish, our project and final product is a Level 10, outstanding quality that we are more than happy to offer to our students. Anyone looking to uplevel their products, USE this company. You will not be disappointed!"
 - Jenn
Meet Your World-Class E-Learning Team
Whether the main focus of your course project is making the content as engaging and effective as possible, or making the course stunningly beautiful from a graphic design perspective, or employing innovative video editing techniques and best leveraging novel educational technology to make your content will be working with a team of industry professionals that will take care of you every step of the way instead of doing it all yourself...and without having to go hire / train / build your own eLearning team just to create a good course.
Online Course Strategy
Project Manager
Operations Manager
Executive Assistant
Support Manager
MPA, Instructional Design and Technology (M.A.)
Course Content Development
Gabrielle Chipeur
Course Content Developer
(Former Teacher)
Growth Manager
Sales Manager
Course Visual Graphic Design
LMS / Web Developer
Gabrielle Chipeur
Course Visual Graphic Designer
Gabrielle Chipeur
Course Video Editing and Post-Production
Client outreach Specialist
Sales and LMS Specialist
Course Visual Graphic Designer Website designer
SDR/General Marketing Assistant

What Do Our Clients Say?

“Grant and his team have been very, very good - I won't lie. I'm impressed with their work. They've nailed every project I've put in front of them.”

Peter Shankman

NYT Bestseller, speaker, host of FTN Podcast
“The project plan that you developed was most impressive. I love the ‘Learning Gaps’ that were identified!”

Dr. Valachi

Clinical Instructor, Author

Leah Benson, Ms

Licensed Psychotherapist

Mark Brown, MA, MBA, PCC

Leadership Development
Corporate Strategy