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We help Consultants, Thought Leaders, and Software Companies Build, Launch, and Scale Online Education Programs
Online Courses for a Scalable Business
As a leader in your field, you’ve got tons of experience and advice to share with your audience. You’re flying all over the country (or the world) to share your ideas, deliver workshops, and train organizations on your methods. 

Between that and your consulting, you pay the bills and have a pretty health business, but you have no additional hours in the day to continue trading in this hours-for-dollars model.

Hosting workshops, working one-on-one, and catching a flight to a new city every couple days isn't exactly scalable or sustainable. At some point soon, you will hit your limit (if you haven't already) as to how much you (and your business) can take.

What if there was a way to spread your message to the 3.2 billion people in the world with internet access?

Even better, what if a company that specialized in this did all the heavy lifting for you while you focus on the part that you love? 

(Hint: Your topic and your content, NOT the tech, logistics, or the other details you don't care about)
Experts Shouldn’t Build Online Courses.
Building your expertise into an online course or training program makes a lot of sense, right? You deliver the high-value information and tactics to people en masse.

But as they say: to become an expert in something, you need 10,000 hours of practice. 

I'm sure you have a large amount of practice with your topic, but do you have 10,000 hours worth of practice on the specific skill online course creation, technology, and marketing?

The answer is almost certainly "definitely not, and also not any time soon". And if that's not your answer, to be honest, you are lying to yourself - seeing that it takes, on average, 10 years of experience to accumulate that level of expertise.

Let me propose an alternative approach. 

It's time to move you from secretly worrying if you will EVER get this done (or if you will remain stuck in the hour-for-dollars model for eternity).... being able to hand everything off to someone else, saying "I need x, y and z results - have at it!"
Waste 10,000 Hours on a Mediocre Product or Let the Experts Handle It?
Ok, so you are ready build that amazing online course. And it's going to be the best in the world in your industry.

It's probably easiest and best just to sit down over a long weekend and try to knock it out yourself rather than trying to take the time to get someone else up to speed enough to help you with it....right?


I know it sounds right initially, but it's wrong. Seriously wrong. And the price paid for an incorrect decision here is 1) spending more like 6 months, 2) building what turns out to be something incredibly unerwhelming, that 3) people don't like or want to buy, and overall which becomes 4) a completely failed project.

And unfortunately it gets worse. Let's say you do it on the weekends (8 hours a day, Saturdays and Sundays) and it takes you 6 long months to put it together. And you value your time at $85 / hour. 

That means you just spent 384 hours (which is pretty optimistic, actually) or $32,640 worth of your time. 

Does that truly, honestly make sense?

We hear this story all the time. Usually from someone who had that exact experience, then 2 years later heard about our company and came to us for help, wishing they had done it that way the first time around.

And if that's not you, it's surely someone that you know.
Ok, so I need help. Should I hire a team of freelancers?
Before you immediately run off to posting jobs to get people to build your course, there is something that you should know.

When you outsource your online course to a random freelance graphic designer or content writer, a couple things will happen (and all of this is said from hard-won experience):

1. Almost all freelancers will create the wrong type of material, by default. For example, about 99% of "content writers" make their living doing either copywriting or blog article writing, meaning if you ask them to write your course materials, they will read like a blog or a sales page. 

Not good (unless your topic is internet marketing)

2. You lose control of the quality, brand, tone, and style - our team makes a huge effort to customize the style and branding of every project to our client's preferences

3. Building an internal course creation team has its own set of headaches: recruiting, training, turnover, management, and more. Wouldn't it make more sense to "rent out" an existing team, already built, trained, and with extensive experience in this particular area?
A Solution That Actually Makes Sense
The whole purpose of having an online course is to allow you a way to share your knowledge with your audience at scale. You might love teaching in-person workshops or classes, but doing so requires your physical presence. It limits your audience, your time to grow your business - and your income potential.

So how do you get a powerful online course in a way that makes sense for your business?

Let our Online Course Architects do it for you.
“I can totally vouch for the MYE team. I am a happy customer here.”


AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp
“The MYE Team created my course. Awesome to work with and made the course creation process a million times easier. Probably would never have created a course without their help.”


“Grant and his team have been very, very good - I won't lie. I'm impressed with their work. They've nailed every project I've put in front of them.”

Peter Shankman

NYT Bestseller, speaker, host of FTN Podcast
“The project plan that you developed was most impressive. I love the ‘Learning Gaps’ that were identified!”

Dr. Valachi

Clinical Instructor, Author
An Efficient & Effective Solution 
Partnering with a professional online course creator takes out the hassle and risk of sourcing a hit-or-miss freelancer who won’t be able to make your course as effective as someone skilled in course creation. 

As a result, you get the convenience of a freelancer with the expertise of a professional in a done-for-you online course that looks as though you created it yourself - in less than 90% of the time it would take you to create on your own.

Online courses are one of the most effective ways to monetize your intellectual property at scale with the least amount of overhead, especially if someone else is doing all the heavy lifting (that’s us!).
Who We Work With
Content Creators
(Thought leaders, authors, professors, etc.)
who are looking for a new way to monetize their content
Consultants, Speakers, Coaches

searching for a way to turn their expertise into a marketable product
SaaS / Software Companies

who want an efficient way to onboard new customers
HR Teams, Recruiters, and Trainers

trying to train and evaluate new hires quickly and effectively
No matter which group you’re part of, you didn’t start your business because you like to build online courses. Partnering with us takes away the labor-intensive task of online course creation so you can reinvest your time and energy into doing what you do best.

What is Your Time Worth to You?
Fortune 500 companies need 100-120 hours to create a single hour of premium course content. 

For a five hour course, that’s 500-600 hours of your time - MINIMUM!

On top of that, you’re busy. You have a thriving business with clients who need your expertise - do you really have time to drop everything to build a course?

Clients who work with us spend an average of 2 hours (instead of 20) per week during the project to hop on a check-in call, or review materials we've built them, with us taking care of the rest.

Best of all, we sign over 100% ownership of all materials at the end of the project, and we don’t take a percentage of your earnings.

You know what an online course will do for your business, and also that you’ll never get it done in the way that you want on your own.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have this taken care of for you with a white glove service?

That’s us.

How Much Could an Online Course Help Your Business? 


AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Made $28,329 in the first five days
  •  Earned $42K in the first six weeks
  •  Has generated $8,000-$12,000 per month in income
  •  Six figures in the first year 


Blackjack Apprenticeship
  •  Increased annual revenue by more than $100K
  •  Boosted conversions by 40%
  •  Direct revenue increased by 35%
  •  Opt-ins increased by 47%


7 Figure Technology Business
“Freaking amazing service and I believe that 120%. I wholeheartedly recommend you.”

  • Turned a pile of notes into a successful online course
  •  Generated $18K with an email list of just 283 people
"Where do I start?" 
If you aren't sure where to begin, we recommend our Audit and Project Plan
We’ve worked with clients who know exactly what they want, and we’ve also helped clients who want to share their skills but have no clue how to translate them into a course.

In either case, you’re in good company. Our online course experts can transform your vision into a reality, just the way you imagined.

Not only are we expert content builders, we’re also expert thinkers who can brainstorm ideas for your online course that will highlight your best skills and expertise.

If you’re not sure where or how to start, start with us.
Done-for-You Online Courses from Vision to Launch
Our team of course experts have over 50,000 hours of combined experience in every piece of the course creation process, from writing and designing to marketing and content delivery.

We don’t just piece together your existing content. We create your online course from start to finish - and every step in between.
  •  Goal-setting and strategy session
  •  Course curriculum development
  •  Instructional design
  •  Graphic design
  •  Audio editing
  •  Marketing and pricing strategies
  •  Final step-by-step overview
    “I am really impressed after talking to you. You have a clear sense of what we are trying to do, and you are offering a product that will really help me do exactly what I am trying to do, and that is just extraordinary. A lot of people waste a lot of time, but I love what you are offering and I see how it will help us.”


    The Art of Community
    "I've decided to build courses online. I've known what to do for over a year. Talking with the MYE team twice a month and getting great email support has gotten me out of paralysis by analysis and into action. I've done my market research and defined my course and I'm ready to start scripting and shooting.

    Everyone at MYE is careful and attentive. They give great feedback on plans and specifics, and also wonderful support for motivation and focus, keeping me on the straight course to success.


    Sid Kemp Enterprises
    Already Have an Online Course?
    If you already have an online course but it’s not generating the income you expect, let us audit your content and build you a custom project plan.

    We’ll show you how to revamp and relaunch your course to make it lucrative.

    Our Online Course Architects are highly skilled in copywriting and instructional design to put your expertise into a logical format that’s easy to follow, provides high impact, and - bottom line - is worth the price they paid.
    Your Very Own 
    E-Learning Department
    Option 1:
    Audit / Project Plan
    "I'm not sure where to start. I have a draft of my ideas."

    Our team audits either an existing course, or plan to create one, and builds a custom step by step execution plan which lays out a customized framework to approach building, launching, and scaling your online course in the most efficient way, typically saving the client 3-6 months of work. After we build this plan, it gets handed off to the execution team (either yours or ours).

    Option 2:
    Course Services Package
    "I know exactly what needs to be done. I just need help executing the plan."

    Hire our team to work directly on building, launching, and scaling your online course. 
    This can include:  

    - High-level course structure
    - Course website setup/layout (LMS configuration)
    - Instructional design components, quizzes, activities, etc
    - Design Materials - slides, workbooks, etc.
    - Marketing / funnel

    Option 3:
    Marketing Package
    "I already have a course. I just want more people to know about it."

    So you've got a course and it's live, but you need to get it to reach more people.

    We can help. Signing up for a marketing package with us means that you get regular, proactive exposure to your target market, through customized campaigns that we run for you (and report the results of) every single month!

    Our Guarantee (For All Packages)
    The best way to know if you like working with us is to, well, work with us. So our guarantee is that by 5pm EST, on the day of your project kickoff call, you will be brimming with confidence, enthusiasm, and excitement to work with us on your course project. If for any reason you have lingering doubts after your kickoff call on the first day of working with us, just shoot us an email and we will send you a full refund.
    "After I incorporated a free online course at the top of our funnel, Here are the numbers:
    - Opt-ins increased 47% (traffic didn’t change)
    - Conversions increased by 40%
    - Direct Revenue increased by 35% (overall business is up more than that)

    Overall, business should do an additional $100k over last year. Not all of that is from the email funnel, but maybe 30-50% of it is from better marketing."


    Blackjack Apprenticeship
    “I can vouch for MYE! They've been working on my course and it's been going great!

    The best option for anyone who needs help with online courses / educational programs"


    Media and Human Experience Design
    Meet the Team
    Founder & Head of Instructional Design
    Project Manager
    Antoni Sikora
    Marketing Manager
    Gabrielle Chipeur
    Course Content Developer
    kayla parker
         Course Content
    Course Visual
    Course Video Editor
    Administrative & Marketing Specialist
    "Working with the online education experts at MYE has been fantastic. They know how to get serious results. Thanks guys - looking forward to getting started on our next project!"


    Founder of Boards for Business
    "MYE was beyond helpful. They are knowledgeable about all sides of online courses and e-learning and I feel so excited at the prospect of enhancing my course reach to more students. Thanks MYE!"


    Online Business Coach and Career Coach
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